Zero-G’s latest release, Eastern Percussion Module, is a Native Instruments Kontakt instrument based on MIDI loops, round robins, and performances. The Kontakt instrument gives you access to over 40 instruments, as well as a whole host of articulations, 4 FX, reverb sends, and complete mixing and panning control. 

There are almost 1000 unique MIDI loops from regions all across the East. These loops can be played from inside of the Kontakt interface, or dragged and dropped straight into your DAW, and then played back by EPM. All of the MIDI loops tempo map to your DAWs host tempo. To compliment these rhythms and performances there are 4 preset ‘regions’ (Egyptian, Turkish, Khaligi and North African) with their own local instruments, and variations of those instruments. There are varying sizes of Bandir’s, and different variations of drums like Dohola, Darabuka and Djembe - they all have their own timbres and voices, so you can create your own unique ensembles. Alongside the region presets, there are also some ‘location’ presets as well, including ‘In The Basement’ and ‘Pitched In The Booth’.

Included in the interface are 4 FX modules. EQ, Transient Shaper, Compressor, Tape Emulation/Saturation. These, coupled with the reverb send, give you a huge scope for creatively manipulating these samples and loops, to make something very unique. The reverb sends give you access to 41 individual reverb locations - ranging from concert hall to ‘small cave’, with options to adjust the reverb size and pre-delay.

You can also play in the individual samples and articulations using a MIDI controller, or by drawing the notes into your DAW. With access to the samples it does mean that you can create your own MIDI loops and parts for any projects that you might be working on. In the video Garrick incorporates Eastern Percussion Module into a progressive house track (using loops from Zero-Gs Progressive House sample library), and talks about the potential uses of EPM in both Cinematic and Dance tracks. 

Overall, Eastern Percussion Module is probably one of the most invaluable tools available for composers, both in the World & Ethnic scenes, and in EDM and Cinematic/Game areas as well. With a huge amount of depth, variety, and a whole group of FX to boot, you can be almost certain that the parts you create with Eastern Percussion Module will be unique to you in every project.

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