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Ethera Gold 2.0 in the making!

Stefano Maccarelli and Clara Sorace, the producers of the incredible Ethera series are currently working on Ethera Gold 2.0, which will be launching in 2020.

Zero-G Ethera Gold V2.0

Ethera Gold 2.0 Upgrade New Features:

Core Synth :

  • About 3 GB of new Hybrid Samples
  • New Cinematic Snapshot Presets
  • New Hybrid & Acoustic Instruments 

Action Synth:

  • Now Action Synth has 4 Layers
  • About 8 GB of new Hybrid Samples
  • New Cinematic Snapshot Presets

Other new features:

  • New Hybrid Organic Loop
  • Vocal True Legato
  • New “AH” EPIC True Legato Multi Sampling Articulation
  • Vocal Phrases
  • New Incredible Cinematic Vocal Phrases

Here are some work-in-progress videos!

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