NEW RELEASE! ETHERA EVI - Electro Virtual Instrument


ETHERA EVI presents a reimagining of the critically acclaimed cinematic vocal instrument. As well as the astounding vocal prowess of Clara Sorace, ETHERA EVI incorporates deeply sampled hardware synths - powered by two unique audio engines. Add a new True Legato, Drum Loops, over 500 presets and a beautiful 1929 Felt Piano and you have the making of the ultimate Electro-Cinematic toolkit.

True Legato

A new, powerful, True Legato forms the core of ETHERA EVI's vocal instrument. With different timbres and phonemes it sits apart from previous ETHERA titles and offers a brand new palette to work with. There are 4 different articulations, selectable via MIDI, available to users that alter the tine and performance. The vocals are aimed, as is the rest of EVI, towards Electro-Cinematic compositions. Shades of Blade Runner and Ghost In The Shell are evident throughout.

EVI Synths

The EVI synth is built on two layers, based on two different audio engines. Many hardware synths have been deeply sampled, creating perfects sounds for cyber-punk, Electro-Cinematic soundtracks. There are also many sound design FX and textures as well as drum loops, vocal textures, horns, acoustic guitars, basses and arpeggiators.

The Felt Piano

ETHERA EVI comes equipped with a gorgeous 1929 Felt Piano, recorded with two microphones for mono or stereo use. This Keyboard is perfect for soundtracks with it's rich, warm and soft tones.

Extensive Presets

With over 500 presets, easily accessible and organised into categories, ETHERA EVI is an incredibly deep and versatile tool kit or any electronic/cinematic project that requires rich and multi-layered synths and vocals.

Inspired by cyber-punk soundtracks, iconic movies such as Blade Runner, The Matrix and Ghost In The Shell, it's the perfect complete toolkit to suit all of your needs. 

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