Publishing YOUR samples

Publishing YOUR sample library through Zero-G

Do you have the innovation and the talent to produce a world class sample library?

Zero-G Ltd is a world leader in publishing and developing professional audio sample libraries. We are totally dedicated to seeking out new sounds that will inspire the world's music makers. For over two decades we have worked hard to bring our customers the very highest quality inspirational samples, and the many 5-Star Reviews and Key Buy Awards in the world's press show that we have consistently achieved that.

Many of you have contacted Zero-G over the years to offer your own sounds for release, and now and again we are delighted to come into contact with producers of superb groundbreaking material. Many such producers have provided concepts and material that formed the basis of successful new Zero-G sample library releases, and we are pleased to say that the act of making their precious sounds available to you has earned these talented individuals a just reward.

If you are a dedicated samplist or inspired sound programmer and you believe you have the vision and dedication to conceive and create a truly inspiring quality collection of new samples, then please get in touch:

Zero-G offer you the finest possible stage through which to present your concepts and content to the market - the Zero-G name is synonymous with sample collections of quality, usability and value for money. Sound On Sound Magazine (UK) put it this way:

"With a name like Zero-G you can expect quality. Bad Zero-G releases: you just don't find them."

We are 100% committed to the integrity of our releases and to providing value for money, and we use a proven international distribution network that is second to none. Yet, despite this, we don't divide our attentions or our loyalties between the two very differing roles of production and distribution. In order to be able to focus 100% on production, in early 1997 we decided to run our operation in dedicated premises, with the result that Zero-G Ltd is now a wholly independent company from Time+Space Distribution Ltd, working in a separate creative environment with no distractions. However, you will be glad to hear that Time+Space are still, as ever, a distributor of the Zero-G product line for the UK market and Europe (and the exclusive European distributor of Zero-G physical boxed products).

Zero-G's goal is to produce the very best quality, the most inspirational and innovative sample collections in the world and then make sure they immediately become available to as many customers as possible, in every country in the world. Over 20 years of hard experience has taught us how to do this well - we know how to construct, package and present sample CDs and Virtual Instruments in the best possible way and achieve the maximum possible world market penetration.

Of course, we know that our customers have extremely demanding standards, so we can only consider releasing material that lives up to these standards. The soundware market is now a mature and crowded market and we know that, going forward into the future, only the very highest calibre in concepts and content will satisfy our valued distributors and customers. Another important point is that the material must also be 100% copyright clean. That basically means that you (or those working for you) must create all the sounds yourself and be able to prove that you have done so. But if you believe you can produce a world class quality sample collection then we would love to hear from you.

The first step is to contact us direct by email at... discuss your project or ideas.

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