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  • Mobeus Modular

    Prepare to be astounded by the sheer brilliance of Mobeus Modular, an awe-inspiring loop-based Kontakt instrument sequel to the highly acclaimed Mobeus. Featuring three meticulously curated layers of analog modular loops, it empowers users to generate intricate patterns, pulsating rhythms, and an infinite tapestry of character-rich textured sounds.

    Mobeus Modular is a powerhouse, delivering rhythmic patterns, textured grooves, and atmospheric wonders tailor-made for cinematic and experimental escapades. With over 200 meticulously crafted sounds sourced from analog wizardry, and digital sorcery, each note resonates with the personal touch of their creator, Si Begg. These auditory gems have withstood the trials of trailers, film, and TV score composition

  • Shiver

    SHIVER is a comprehensive collection of chilling and macabre sound elements designed to sendshivers down your spine. It offers a diverse range of haunting and atmospheric audio assetsspecifically crafted to enhance the terrifying and suspenseful moments in horror, sci-fi,supernatural, psychological and disaster film scores, video games, and other multimediaprojects.

    Within this library, you'll find an assortment of bone-chilling soundscapes that set the stage for dread and unease. From eerie ambient textures that evoke feelings of isolation and impending doom to unsettling drones that create an atmosphere of lurking malevolence, these sounds will immerse your audience in a world of fear and suspense.

  • Extreme Modular Environments

    EXTREME MODULAR ENVIRONMENTS is an amazing and unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create dense and complex ambiences based on modular sources, ranging from musical pads through to extreme sounds to give you almost limitless sound design capabilities. Many of the sounds are from the creator Si Begg’s personal library of sounds and have been used in trailers, scores, and other compositions. The sounds used were intended for use in a wide variety of projects, but broadly speaking they are particularly suited to cinematic or experimental music where you need something atmospheric, rich and with a contemporary feel.

  • Simulacrum

    SIMULACRUM is an amazing collection of musical sounds and special effects by composer and sound designer Steven Tunnicliffe. Inspired by the imagery of contemporary science fiction and horror, Simulacrum comprises a diverse assortment of sounds, from long, evolving textures and drones, to aggressive stingers and risers. The hyperreal nature of this material is manifest through allusions to ‘real’ acoustic sources and spaces as well as those entirely fictional.

  • Enigma

    A brand new revolutionary 6-voice sound creation instrument, designed to create lush ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures. Equipped with 7GB of compressed 24bit wav files and over 250 presets ranging from atmospheres, pads, textures, and drones to basses and leads to SFX, noises, hits, and stabs. Enigma is an instrument of extraordinary power and originality.



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