Ethera Gold 2.01 FREE Update - Import your own sounds

Ethera Gold 2 has been updated to version 2.01. This is a free update for existing users of Ethera Gold 2.0

This exciting new update enables you to import your own sounds/audio in to Ethera Gold 2 and utilise the Core Synth's powerful tools to create your own truly unique and inspiring sounds. This incredible new feature takes Ethera Gold 2 to a completely new level, resulting in infinite possibilities beyond Ethera Gold's own incredible built-in library of sounds.

Updating to Ethera Gold version 2.01 is very easy!

Existing users need to download the update files from the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: Ethera Gold 2.01 audio import function requires Kontakt 6.2.2.

Click here to download Ethera Gold 2.01 Update (Zip).

After downloading the files, please copy the files from the update folder in to the top level of the Ethera Gold 2.0 library. Click 'Replace' and the files will be updated with the new versions.

If you need any help installing the update files, please send a message to

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