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NEW RELEASE - Distant Lights Sci-Fi Sounds

Zero-G Distant Lights is a multiformat sample pack crammed full of sounds to inspire soundtrack production in many genres including sci-fi, fantasy, space and action - in fact anything requiring out-there weird and wonderful audio!

Immerse your audience into a universe of eerie, ominous and foreboding soundscapes, alarming, futuristic and industrial FX and supernatural sounds...

Distant Lights is divided into three parts – Ambiences, FX and Layered Sounds – which consist of complex atmospheres that are then split into their constituent parts. 

With categories such as Scene Setters, Moments and Moods, Confusion, Strange Planet, Whisper & Whistle and many more, this is an incredibly useful collection of galactic proportions.

Distant Lights is available now with an introductory 20% off until 31st August. Why not download the free taster pack today?

Garrick Wareham

Garrick is a Saxophonist, Pianist and Composer with an eclectic taste in music. Whilst he plays a lot of Jazz and Classical he looks to incorporate as many genres as possible, Prog-Rock, Metal, D&B and Progressive House being amongst his favourites. He's also really into his tech and always looking to marry music and tech in creative ways.

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