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Silence+Other Sounds - Freaktion

Tormented Metal SFX - Kontakt Instrument

Silence+Other Sounds - Freaktion
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All of the included samples are 100% original & royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees



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Freaktion is a collection of sounds from tormented metallic objects. We’ve experimented with friction mallets, superballs, bows and multiple stiff and sharp objects on a large variety of metals, such as large aluminium plates, tension coils, elastic springs, buckets and even custom-made stringed instruments.

The result is a finely designed cinematic library of unsettling strident noises, horrifying squeals, sinister squeaks and other effects that you won’t find anywhere else.

Freaktion is for sound designers and composers of horror cinematic music looking for new, unique sounds: whenever you’re looking to add a disturbing, ‘freaky’ character to your productions, this sound library will offer you a wide choice among long pitch bends, scratchy rising elements, ear piercing screeches and even deep organic tones and vocal effects.

Freaktion also comes with a set of original source recordings (130+ 96 kHz, 24 bit, .wav). These sounds have been treated with a very transparent process of EQ and de-noising , plus adding some light sweeteners to create more presence along the spectrum. You can use these sounds as building blocks to create your own sound effects.

11 Kontakt Instruments with a custom UI are included in this library. For more details scroll down to the Kontakt Instruments section.

4 folders of high resolution and Royalty-Free sounds
A total of 330+ sounds (96 kHz, 24 bit .wav)
Rubbed metallic elements and surfaces (friction mallets, super-ball)
Bowed coils and springs
Horrifying squeaks and squeals
Eerie SFXs from stringed instruments built ad hoc
Cinematic tones and vocal effects
Construction kit of 130+ source recordings (friction mallets, bows plus any sort of sharp objects applied to surfaces, plates, strings, coils, metallic wires, springs, buckets and resonators)
11 Kontakt Instruments (Full version 5.8.1 or later required) with a custom UI to further manipulate the sounds

Designed Sounds - 200 sounds (WAV 96 kHz, 24 bit)
Source Recording Sounds - 130+ sounds (WAV 96 kHz, 24 bit)

You don’t necessarily need Kontakt to use the sounds. You can import every sounds in your DAW, in your favourite audio sampler, video editing software or in any software able to handle .wav files. However, if you want to use our Kontakt Instruments, at least a FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required (FREE Kontakt Player is not supported).

Sold out


VAT will be calculated at checkout

IMPORTANT: Freaktion requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1
This product will NOT work in the FREE Kontakt Player.

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