Haunted Ground

Pioneeringly sinister library of ambience & FX from condemned hospitals to haunted prisons and other abandoned places

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  • Acid, 
  • Apple loops, 
  • Aiff, 
  • Exs24, 
  • Halion, 
  • Kontakt files, 
  • Reason, 
  • Wav, 
  • Nnxt

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Haunted Ground is an avant-garde sound library inspired by the unique character of abandoned places. The structures that man left to crumble as time ticks away, now brought to life in this collection of samples.

Created by sound designer Adam Pietruszko specializing in visual and aural documentation of forsaken buildings, to provide you with the atmosphere and spirit of these forbidden locations. This library took a year to plan, prepare and record. Carefully choosing locations as recording sites and inspiration was taken from countless photographs, schematics and abandoned structure history resources.
The mood of abandoned factories, warehouses and installations has been recreated via means of analog and digital synthesis, along with the sounds captured on-site via field recording, to bring you closer to the exploration, all properly mangled and warped, for that particular eerie feeling.

The sounds of this library give insight into the afterlife of these seemingly dead and quiet buildings. For beneath the rubble, rust and peeling paint, there lies another dimension. The ghosts of workers and inhabitants roam the rooms, halls, corridors and attics, longing for the life that had been taken away from their homes. The machines, furnaces and tools remember their duties, but their shift is over.

Whether it's for cinematic or game sound production, to bring a touch of reflection, suspense and nostalgia into a work or finding that "something extra" for contemporary electronic music, there's plenty here to inspire and to exploit.

All the sounds are split into 4 categories, for easy construction of your own custom abandoned places sound scenes. So, delve in the echoes of the past with Haunted Ground and explore their legacy and hidden nature!

The library contains over 650 samples in Acidized Wav and AIFF Apple Loop file formats all recorded in stunning 24bit, 48kHz audio. Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and NN-XT instruments are also included. All the samples in this library are 100% original and royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Adam Pietruszko is a sound designer, audio engineer, electronic musician and synthesis teacher. His trademarks are avant-garde electronic atmospheres and effects. He is the creator of KNOBZ.NET, a place for experimental electronica, synthesizers and abandoned places. Adam's background is music for picture, creation of soundbanks for hardware and software synthesizers and all things related to new timbres and sounds.


  • 652 Acidized WAV files
  • 652 AIFF Apple Loops
  • 751 Kontakt Instruments
  • 751 EXS24 Instruments
  • 751 HALion Instruments
  • 751 NN-XT Instruments


The categories and gear used in the recordings are as follows:
Entities and Spirits – eerie sounds of ghosts and lost souls, for that haunted feeling. You'll find chants, drones and atmospheres as well as numerous sweeps and whines. Most of these sounds were created using a semi-modular analog synth setup (Moog Little Phatty Tribute Edition Serial No. 1165 with CV Out Mod, a collection of Moog Moogerfooger analog effects + WMD Geiger Counter digital wave-shaping distortion unit).
Forsaken Technologies - sounds of the abandoned machines, tools, installations, etc for inducing an industrial atmosphere. Contains drones, harsh electrical/electronic noises, explosions, piercing stingers etc. Created using a mix of digital and analog synthesis.
Exploration Echoes – field-recorded and processed sounds taken during exploration to bring (un)real atmosphere to the piece. Some of the sounds were also created using junk and scrap metal in the studio and then warped and mangled with pitch-shifting, modulation effects and reverb.
Forgotten Atmospheres - assorted moody and nostalgic effects including sweeps, textures, hits and other effects to provide background for your track. These were done with all the above-mentioned techniques and gear.

All of the sounds were recorded in 24bit 48kHz into Apple Logic Pro using a Focusrite PRO 24DSP audio interface. Field recording performed with Sony PCM-M10.

For more detailed info on the contents and list of included sounds/instruments in Haunted Ground, please take a look at the PDF of Contents.

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  • Part 1: 953 MB
  • Part 2: 664 MB

Customer Reviews

Info & Quotes

"A very successful collection… An inspirational place to start all manner of dark work.. Very high quality recordings.. Full of warped atmosphere… Sufficient (but not overpowering) effects to take everything beyond its constituent parts to the other side of eerie… You could use some of the sounds as incidental effects across many other genres of music… There are even musical ideas that you could use to underpin tunes." - Music Tech Magazine, UK

"This sample library falls into that category of "something new" or "something special"... geared for the production of soundtrack, dark ambient, horror and game music.. The sound of Haunted Ground is the result of capturing the spirit and atmosphere of forbidden places.. The material is broken into 4 main folders of Entities and Spirits, Exploration Echoes, Forgotten Atmospheres and Forsaken Technologies. If you like one-shot samples for fills in your compositions, Exploration Echoes has some really good useful sounds. For cold, otherworldly sounds, I like the samples in the Forgotten Atmospheres folder. There are some really great sinister sounds for use in horror films. Bottomline: this is a good all-rounder EFX library that has a horrifying twist to it." - soundbytesmag.net

"With analogue and digital synths playing such a big role, there's a strong musical angle here, too." - Rating 8/10, Computer Music Magazine, UK

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