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A comprehensive collection of sound effects

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Note: This title is only available by download. It is not available as a boxed physical product on DVD.


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An excellent collection of diverse natural sound effects including: video & cassette machines, CD player, cameras, phone rings & tones, keyboard typing, alarm, hammer, WC, door FX, door bell, zip, spray cans, opening can, toaster, light switches, hair dryers, clock, kitchen FX, lawn mowers, streams, waterfalls, rivers, percussive FX, squash games, dog track, swimming pool, zoo, cafe, turf accountant, football, pipe organ, market, public park, launderette, sirens, airports, aeroplanes, railway stations, passing train, roads, car FX, electric windows, horns ducks, flies, laughs, broom, footsteps, burp, drinking, and more...

Download Size: 170 MB
Expanded Size: 197 MB

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"The recordings are fab" - Future Music magazine, UK

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