Ethnic Flavours

Exotic wide-ranging collection of world rhythms, instruments and vocals, hits, atmospheres and phrases

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Ethnic Flavours includes rhythms, instruments & vocals, plus hits & phrases and is heartily recommended to the ambitious world musician!

Spiritual chants & Asian atmospheres to give your music an exotic charm. Create mystic moods and amazing ambiences & impact the subconscious of your listeners!

This collection has been painstakingly recorded using superb exponents of the rhythmic art from many corners of the globe.

It features a mixture of field and studio recordings and programming for maximum flavour and variation.


  • Tabla,
  • Indian Flute,
  • Talking Drums,
  • Bells,
  • Choirs,
  • Pan Pipes,
  • Oriental Percussion,
  • Vocals,
  • and more!
Perfect for your next film score, album, or remix project!

You get every sample of the library in WAV format, plus a selection of 92 of the loops in REX2 format (.rx2)

WAV format categories included:

  • African Choir Notes
  • African Vocal Phrases
  • African Guitar Rhythms
  • Darbuka Hits
  • Bell Hits
  • Jangle Hits
  • Talk Drum Grooves & Hits
  • Cabasa Grooves & Hits
  • Cowbell Grooves & Hits
  • Djembe Grooves & Hits
  • Mixed African Grooves
  • Clave Hits
  • West Africa Flute Riff & Notes
  • Penny Whistle Riff & Notes
  • Chinese Flute Riffs & Notes
  • Chinese Pipe Riff
  • Japanese Percussion
  • British Table Pipe Riff
  • Nut (Lake Orinoco) Riff
  • Gaita Riff
  • Gaita (Chile) Notes
  • Quena (S. America) Notes
  • Panpipe Notes (Hard & Soft Attack)
  • Tabla Grooves
  • Clam Pot Grooves
  • Duff Grooves & Hits
  • Mixed Indian Grooves
  • High Tabla Hits
  • Low Tabla Hits
  • Clam Pots Hits
  • Dohlak Hits
  • Indian Flute Riff & Notes
  • Sitar Notes

REX loops provided:

  • African Grooves 100bpm - 5 loops
  • African Guitar 120 bpm - 5 loops
  • Bombay Mix 100 bpm - 7 loops
  • Bombay Mix 120 bpm - 8 loops
  • Bombay Mix 140 bpm - 7 loops
  • Cabasa Grooves - 7 loops
  • Clam Pot Grooves 100-140bpm - 8 loops
  • Cowbell Groove
  • Djembe Grooves 100-120bpm - 8 loops
  • Duff Grooves 100-140bpm - 12 loops
  • Tabla Grooves 100-140bpm - 15 loops
  • Talking Drum Grooves 100-140bpm - 9 loops
  • (Total: 92 REX files).

For more details on the contents of Ethnic Flavours, please take a look at the PDF of Contents.

Download Size (RAR file):

  • 94 MB

Customer Reviews

Info & Quotes

"The playing is superb, with some wickedly speedy rolls and fills, and all the inflections and nuances are captured in the recordings" - Future Music Magazine, UK

"Ethnic Flavours is a cocktail of hits, grooves and wind instruments from around the world" - Sound on Sound Magazine, UK

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