Please find below answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. In addition to these FAQs, for more information and to read our complete Zero-G End User LICENSE Agreement, please click here. If you have any further questions or queries that have not been answered here, please do contact us on support@zerog-shop.reamaze.com where we will happily assist you further.




  • Do I have to pay additional licensing fees if my use of Zero-G samples ends up on a hit record or other high-profile projects?

NO, your original purchase of the Zero-G disc is your only license fee. We hope you do get to use our sounds on a hit!


  • Do I have to credit this disc if I use it on a recording?

Please do. It would be much appreciated. Some sample library producers make it an absolute condition within their License Agreement that you must credit them. In the case just a few titles therefore, it is a condition of their particular User License that you do credit them, but for all others it is up to you (however, you would normally credit any musician that played on your track, wouldn't you?). As always, it is important to read the license that comes with your product to determine usage.


  • Can my writing partner, colleagues or friends use these samples once I've bought the disc?
NO, each person who uses the sounds must purchase their own copy (which licenses them to use the sounds). Anyone other than the original purchaser of the disc or download, who uses the sounds is doing it illegally - risking legal action against both them and their clients! HOWEVER - if you are working together with other members of your band or production team (a single "recording artist") and you are normally working in the a studio at the same time, and you have purchased the product to use in the production of the music this recording artist, then it is not normally necessary for other bona fide members of the artist to purchase the product as well. However, you cannot copy the samples and distribute them to members of the band working in different studios at the same time. If a member of your band or production team wishes to work in a separate studio or on separate projects (which are not part of your band's output) then he/she must purchase their own copy of the product/license.


  • Can I offer these sounds to clients as part of my recording studio or rental company services?

NO, sorry, but each person (or in certain circumstances each 'artist' - see above) who uses the sounds (the creative person) has to be a licensed user. This situation could cause tremendous legal problems for studio or rental clients.


  • Can I use these samples to make 'Music Libraries'?

YES, unlike some Soundware companies, this is allowed with Zero-G products. The samples have to be used within a musical context, however, and cannot be presented isolated or 'solo-ed'. So, for the purposes of creating so called 'library music' clips or 'production music' clips intended for commercial exploitation, the included sound samples may be used 'in combination' within musical compositions. For such usage, any rhythm loop samples (which Zero-G regards as being musical clips in themselves) must also be combined with other types of samples or sounds to effectively form a new composition, rather than simply being looped. If in doubt, please email us! - support@zerog-shop.reamaze.com


  • Is it OK to loan the disc (or a copy of the download) to a friend to check it out as long as I bought it?

NO, please don't let your copy out of your possession. Instead, show them the sounds in person.


  • Can I post my favourite Zero-G sounds to people or sites on the Internet?

NO, but you're welcome to comment on them! All forms of user copying and distribution are prohibited.


  • Is it OK to sell the disc used (or a copy of some or all of the downloaded product) to someone else if I'm finished with the project that I needed it for?

NO, this is VERY IMPORTANT. Unlike your musical gear or even software, you can't give away or sell this disc (or content of download) to someone else - YOU DIDN'T PURCHASE THE DISC (OR DOWNLOAD), YOU PURCHASED A LICENSE TO USE OUR SOUND RECORDINGS IN YOUR MUSIC. The disc (or download) is merely the container of the sounds we licensed to you. The license you bought is not transferable to another person.


  • When there is a demo song included in the sample collection that I have purchased, can I use it?
NO, these are the only samples on the products that you cannot use, since they're for demonstration purposes only.


  • Can I use these sounds in Multimedia projects?
MAYBE. If you use it in a musical context then YES, but it is best to have all multimedia use cleared with Zero-G first. A 'musical context' specifically means that you are using the sounds to create a new musical composition or arrangement. Any other application such as sound FX, icon sounds, ambiences, game noises, etc is NOT allowed without an additional license from Zero-G. HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE THAT ZERO-G HAS CREATED A SPECIAL SERIES OF PRODUCTS SPECIALLY FOR MULTIMEDIA AND WEBSITE DEVELOPERS called the iFX Series, which carry a different license which allows this kind of use freely. See "About The iFX Series" below.


  • As a freelance sound designer, can I put custom compilations together, which include Zero-G sounds, for my composer clients?

NO, not unless they already own the original Zero-G products. Remember that each person who uses the sounds MUST have a license to use them. Otherwise, they can get in serious legal trouble.


  • Is there any limit to how often or how long I can use these samples in my music?

NO, you're free to use them in as many musical recordings as you want. We hope that you find them inspiring and useful for many years to come!


  • Why does any of this matter?
Basically, if you respect our work by purchasing the sounds, we'll be able to make more exciting products. You may also be asked some of these same questions by people who are contracting your services and this information can protect you and your clients from potential misuse of Zero-G sounds. You can avoid legal hassles if you use Zero-G products properly.


If you are still in doubt over any particular kind of usage, please contact Zero-G by Email at: support@zerog-shop.reamaze.com


About The iFX Series

Zero-G has created a special series of sample collections for use by multimedia and website developers. A purchaser of any title in the iFX Series is licensed to use the included sounds in isolation as spot FX. For more details of iFX libraries, search for "iFX" on this site.

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