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Authentic performances and multisamples collected from a wide range of Celtic instruments

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Welcome to Celtic: The first choice in Celtic Sample Libraries!

Features great performances and multisamples on a wide range of instruments including Fiddle, Uilleann Pipes, Mandolin, Accordian, Galician Bag, Bagpipes, Whistles, Flutes, Bodhran, Breton Bombarde, Overton, Banjo, 12 string, 6 string, Marching Snare, Pipe & Snare, Skittish Snare, Celidh Snare, and more.

This library is over 900 MB with an enormous range of solo riffs and phrases performed in authentic styles by leading Celtic musicians, together with a set of multisamples for most instruments.

This is an absolute must-have collection for film composers or anyone looking for a true Celtic flavour.

These samples will inspire you and prove very effective in setting the mood of a track as their authenticity shines through. Add the captivating essence of the Celtic tradition to your music!

For more detailed info on the complete list and descriptions of the contents of Celtic, please take a look at the PDF of Contents.

And, if your interested in taking Celtic inspiration to another level, our UK Distributors Time+Space have created an amazing expansion pack for the epic virtual instrument Omnisphere 2 using Celtic - check out Celtic Atmospheres for Omnisphere 2 now!

This is the first in the series of Zero-G expansion packs masterfully created especially for Omnisphere 2. A hand-picked selection of raw samples from the original award-winning sound libraries Celtic and Altered States have been fed through the amazing power of birth to an innovative new collection of fresh sounds and patches that are truly inspiring.

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"Zero-G's Celtic lives up to its promise of providing composers with a true Celtic flavour for their productions... This set really could prove extremely valuable to any media composer, but with Celtic influences creeping into all areas of music, and with groups like the Afro Celt Sound System becoming ever more popular, I'm sure this set could prove interesting to a wider range of musicians" - Sound on Sound Magazine, UK

"If you're looking to add a Celtic lick or two to your tunes this will do you proud" - Computer Music Magazine, UK

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