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ETHERA Soundscapes 2.0
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Brand new version of this stunning vocals, synths and ambiences collection for Kontakt

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Note: This title is only available by download. It is not available as a boxed physical product on DVD.


  • Kontakt files, 
  • Wav


  • Windows,
  • Mac


Existing ETHERA Soundscapes owners please note: 

Owners of the previous version of ETHERA Soundscapes (version 1.0 or 1.2) can purc world of stunning male and female voices, synths and ambient sounds for your cinematic and electronic compositions. It is armed with a custom Kontakt GUI and 590 Kontakt patches.

Click here for our blog post where we talk to the creators of ETHERA Soundscapes 2.0 


Ethera Soundscapes 2.0 consists of three instruments in one:

First, there is a sublime vocal library with both a male and female voice which is based on the critically acclaimed Ethera Vocal library with the phrases and phonemes inclined toward the cinematic.

The second library is an atmospheric ambience collection with patches that can evoke anything from everyday experiences to shocking horror and grandiose beauty.

Lastly, there is a massive bank of custom made synth instruments designed specifically for the soundtrack creative. There are leads, pads, arps and much more all with a bespoke interface that allows the user to customise or to create brand new sounds. There is even an arpeggiator and FX rack.


The new features and improvements included in this super-sized version are:

  • ONEW! Emotive True Legato:
  1. 4 Sustains Round Robin,
  2. 2 Sustains Velocity Layers,
  3. up to 3 True Legato Velocity Layers with different styles
  4. over 3 True Octave Vocal Range to create the most realistic vocal instrument yet.
  • NEW! Vocal Phrases
  • NEW! Waveform Synth 2.0
  • NEW! Snapshot User Presets
  • NEW! Stories Presets
  • NEW! Synth Arpeggiator with Pitch Step Sequencer.
  • IMPROVED! Vocal Arpeggiator with new Samples and voxel controlled by modulation wheel.
  • Plus several fixes including the poor performance of arp in “ Chord “ mode and minor issues.


  • Emotive true legato (2 sustain layers, up to 3 true legato layers)
  • Over 23GB of 24bit 48khz compressed Kontakt NCW format samples
  • User snapshot for presets
  • Inspirational collection of original vocal phrases organised by key and BPM
  • Hybrid organic wavetable synth with sample grain control
  • 2 midi assignable modulations
  • Arpeggiator with 6x play mode and pitch sequencer
  • Scripted legato & portamento vocal voxel
  • Voxel and phoneme sustains
  • Voxel and phoneme controlled by mod wheel
  • GUI with easy to use controls and fully automated midi learn controllers
  • FX rack with midi learn
  • Phrases with 2 sync modes and legato mode
  • Two “off-set” sample start control on vocal phrases
  • Waveform display
  • Male voice patches
  • Unique voice of the vocalist “Clara Sorace”
  • Roli Seaboard supported 
  • 590 presets


Required - Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.0 

Compressed Size: 18.8 GB

Uncompressed Size: 23.37 GB

Customer Reviews

Press Quotes
Free Gift

ASKAUDIO review for ETHERA Soundscapes 1.2

"If you're after a multi-talented sample-based instrument that covers all kinds of composition and sound design uses, Zero-G's Ethera Soundscapes might be just what you've been looking for... This is a powerful and genuinely useful toolbox for anyone working with sound design or scoring for games, TV or film. The textures and synths are great and the vocal section is an added bonus, providing authentic sounds that can fit into a number of different situations. It’s easy to subtly or radically alter the character of most sounds using the onboard controls, and the price is really attractive too considering how much content you get." - ASK AUDIO (Click here to read the review in full)

Computer Music Magazine review for ETHERA Soundscapes 1.2

"... We can't even begin to descibe the intricacies of Sounscapes' Vocal, Synth and Ambience scripts and soundbanks in so few words, but between them, they open up more epic and evocative male and female vox, electronic tones and textural material possibilities that you'll know what to do with - 9/10." - Computer Music Magazine, UK

ETHERA Soundscapes 1.2

"Overall I found this library compelling and extensive. It has an impressive array of eclectic elements and capabilities to customize, combine and recombine elements into interesting and evolving textures." - Sample Library Review

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