Epica Bass

Dedicated analog bass synth library from Sam Spacey

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  • Kontakt library


  • Windows,
  • Mac

Sam Spacey, the producer behind the multi award-winning Epica, presents Epica Bass - a dedicated analog bass synth library obsessively sampled from a large collection of all star classic analog synths and modulars. No emulations or plugins were used in the recording of Epica Bass as Sam believes that to truly capture the saturated harmonically rich textures that true analog synthesis brings, you have to keep the recording chain as purely analog as the source synths themselves.

From the vintage Neve preamp and the UBK Fatso hardware to the boutique guitar distortion pedals and Kush Audio Elektra EQ’s, the gear involved in the making of this Kontakt instrument ensures that Epica Bass sits perfectly in the mix without the need to pile on plugins.

The custom 6 page interface has been designed to give you full control over your sound without slowing down the creative juices. 4 x dedicated synth parameter pages, an extensive Arpeggiator page and a complete FX rack full of Delay, Convolution Reverb, SSL EQ, 1176 Compressor, Flanger, Chorus, Bit Crush etc. to further polish your sound.

Using various Sample Start Point modulation destinations, Epica Bass gives you control over the original sampled synths filter rather than using emulation filters. With that said we have also included six of Native Instruments analog modelled filters from Kontakt 5 for your use.

With 26,657 24bit mono samples weighing in at 7GB we believe that we have given these classic synths the attention to detail normally reserved for classical instrument libraries. Multiple round robins, multi velocity samples and long hand edited loop points (where used) ensure that the full character of these classic synthesiser were captured as faithfully as possible.

With 625 Epic presets and an interface that begs to be manipulated into your own creations Epica Bass will give years of use as your main source of Bass sound.

NEW! Full NKS compatibility 
NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) allows for intuitive and seamless interaction between plug-in instruments and Native Instruments´ KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. This gives you a mouse-free hands-on way of not only controlling Epica Bass, but also a vastly improved means of browsing/selecting categorised presets. For those that love designing their own presets, NKS frees you from the confines of the mouse and PC screen with each Epica Bass parameter mapped to the hardware controls.


Analog synths sampled
Arp Odyssey Mk3 (original), Sequential Pro 1, Oberheim SEM, Oakley Modular, Yamaha CS-30, Future Retro, Matrix 6r, Telemark Modular and Roland SH 1000.


Analog hardware processing
UBK Fatso, UBK Kush Audio Electra Eq’s, DBX160XT, Neve Preamp, Eventide H8000, Eventide Eclipse and a collection of distortion pedals.


Interface Synthesis Functions:

- Amplitude Envelope A,D,H,S and R, Velocity to Sample Start, Velocity to Filter, Velocity to Amplitude
- Pitch Envelope A, D and R with Env Amount, Random Note Pitch, Pitch Drift, Portmento, Sample Startpoint, Random Sample Startpoint.
- Filter Envelope A,D,S and R, Filt Cutoff, Filt Resonance, Filter Type (6 Filters), Env Amount and Filter Keytracking
- 3 x LFO’s each with: 5 waveforms, LFO amount (+/-), Frequency, Fade in, Modwheel Cnt Amount (+/-) assigned to Amplitude, Filter and Pitch
- FX Rack and also Extensive Arpeggiator page

"Well thought-out, highly controllable and user friendly, and packed with usable sounds." - Rating 8.8/10 - Future Music

"Epica Bass ably fulfils its straightforward remit and sounds lovely doing it" - Rating 8/10 - Computer Music

"Epica Bass never left me wanting. I’m very impressed with the layout, the quality of the samples, and the well thought-out programming of the presets. I have found use from so many of the presets already that I can imagine using it somewhere on every track. Honestly, I’m finding it hard to find fault in this library at all." - MusicTech

"Epica Bass is a fantastic-sounding bass instrument that faithfully captures the power and feel of some legendary hardware units. Suitable for everything from EDM to krautrock and more experimental stuff, it’s approachable and easy to work with, and offers plenty of customization options. Best of all, it’s very reasonably priced so it’s not likely to break the bank." Ask Audio

"Epica Bass is a user friendly bass mod that fills in the gaps in your mix. I´ve only had it for a few weeks but already it´s one of my go-to synths when you want to use something simple that´s less taxing on your creativity" - Roni Size, Producer

"Few sample libraries provide the feeling of playing a real analog synthesizer. Epica Bass is one of them. With her wonderful powerful and vibrant vintage sound and powerful tone-shaping, this collection hits the bull’s eye." - Beat magazine

"To be honest, I never been a fan of sampled analog sounds because samples never capture the full dynamics and the nuances of analog synths. Well, Sam Spacey hit the ball out the park with Epica Bass because he manage to capture all those nuances and pack them into multiple samples. I almost felt like I was playing a real analog synth." - SonicBoomBap

"Epica Bass is very reasonably priced, and a well-made, robust sampler instrument. It´s simple enough to keep you productive but has the depth and ability to really carve your own sound. The quality of the sound is very high and sonically rich, with most pre-sets being strong and inspiring." - iDJ

"You can never have enough synth basses. And certainly not if they are so large and the basses sound like they do in this library. A lot of attention has been paid to the authentic sound of the original synthesizers  As far as I’m concerned, this is a very successful addition to Epica." Interface

"First of all i had to say that I was sceptical, not another bass synth. But now after spent some time with Epica Bass i discovered the full potential. It is a synth that is way beyound a normal bass library and it can easily create what ever kind of sounds you need. “I like it a lot and it fits really well in the mixes. The fx section is absolutely fantastic. I think the name Epica Bass doesn´t do it justice since it is so much more than a bass thing” Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields

Latest Update Epica Bass v1.3 (Jan 2017)

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2
  • 4GB RAM


  • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11.1 (latest update)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB RAM

Download Size: (RAR files)
Parts 1-4: 1GB each
Part 5:         851MB

Customer Reviews

Info & Quotes

"Absolutely a go-to synth for those multi sampled analogue basses to properly take care of the guts of your subs. Using it in every track at the moment. Very useful indeed!" - John B, D&B/Electronic music producer

"Epica Bass is an absolute triumph. I´m not prone to analogue elitism, but I have to say that these are some of the most convincing analogue bass sounds I´ve heard in software. There are some truly awesome presets offered, and the depth of sound, and the way the sounds seem to respond under the fingers, is very impressive. However much work has gone into Epica Bass to capture that ´analogue´ vibe has, to my ears at least, paid off big time. Epica Bass lives up to its name. I think I´ve found my new ´go to´ source for all things synth, analogue and bassy." - Sound on Sound READ FULL REVIEW

"It just sounds so damn good! The bass sounds are unbelievably wholesome and rich, lending themselves nicely to dance music and electronic production. [...] Epica bass, as it´s name suggests, is epic in sound and in nature." - DJ Mag 

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