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Epica Bundle
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The ultimate synth pairing from Sam Spacey

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Note: This title is only available by download. It is not available as a boxed physical product on DVD.


  • Kontakt library


  • Windows,
  • Mac

Bought separately, these titles would normally cost a total of £194.95!

The bundle includes...


With over 17,000 24bit hand-edited, looped and multi-layered samples and an inspiring Kontakt-powered interface, Epica is Zero-G's best-sounding virtual instrument to date.

Zero-G´s aim was to create a library that offered a fresh palette of sounds which were rich in timbre and had their own character, so that it would set your music apart from the masses. As such, Epica´s samples were all recorded through an equipment chain of 100% boutique hardware with no plug-ins used in the creation of the source sounds.

All samples were hand looped and, with Kontakt key mapping never stretching a sample more than one note from its root, they sound as real as the instruments they came from. In fact all of the non-looped samples are mapped to every key for 6 octaves with a large amount of them 3 to 4 x Round Robins on every key.

Epica features over 600 patches of pads, leads, basses, sequences and fx and, of course, it has the sound-shaping capabilities for you to create much more.

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A dedicated analog bass synth library obsessively sampled from a large collection of all star classic analog synths and modulars. No emulations or plugins were used in the recording of Epica Bass as Sam believes that to truly capture the saturated harmonically rich textures that true analog synthesis brings, you have to keep the recording chain as purely analog as the source synths themselves.

From the vintage Neve preamp and the UBK Fatso hardware to the boutique guitar distortion pedals and Kush Audio Elektra EQ’s, the gear involved in the making of this Kontakt instrument ensures that Epica Bass sits perfectly in the mix without the need to pile on plugins. Click here for full details about EPICA Bass

NEW! Full NKS compatibility 
NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) allows for intuitive and seamless interaction between plug-in instruments and Native Instruments´ KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. This gives you a mouse-free hands-on way of not only controlling Epica Bass, but also a vastly improved means of browsing/selecting categorised presets. For those that love designing their own presets, NKS frees you from the confines of the mouse and PC screen with each Epica Bass parameter mapped to the hardware controls.

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Epica Bass

Customer Reviews

Press Quotes
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"I hope Sam and Zero-G see a good return on all the hard work that has gone into producing this library. To repeat, Epica sounds epic and, at this price, composers and electronic music producers ought to find plenty to tempt them. Highly recommended." - John Walden, Sound on Sound

"Epica Bass never left me wanting. I’m very impressed with the layout, the quality of the samples, and the well thought-out programming of the presets. I have found use from so many of the presets already that I can imagine using it somewhere on every track. Honestly, I’m finding it hard to find fault in this library at all." MusicTech READ FULL REVIEW

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