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Total Drum & Bass
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Everything you need for serious Drum & Bass production.

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Note: This title is only available by download. It is not available as a boxed physical product on DVD.


  • Acid, 
  • Rex, 
  • Wav


  • Windows,
  • Mac

Everything you need for serious Drum & Bass production. Breakbeats, transformations, sub basses, real bass, percussion and so much more! This massive library is bursting with over 1500 top notch samples, tempo matched add edited to perfection!

You may never need another Drum & Bass sample CD... Total coverage!

Customer Reviews

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"Bad Zero-G releases are rarer than one of Delia Smith's smiles: you just don't find them. Total Drum & Bass picks up the Total series where the deservedly five-star-winning Total House left off. Same format, same mark of quality.. A near-perfect example of what dance-oriented sample libraries could and should be, combining thought, attention to detail and consistent levels of quality and musicianship to give the end user tons of options and yet still manage to say something new about the genre. Awarded FIVE STARS out of 5" - Sound On Sound Magazine

"Usability is obviously high on the agenda for this offering, and it shows in the layout and vast array of timbres and general variety of stuff available here" - THE MIX Magazine

"An almost bewilderingly vast collection, and one that would take months to exhaust"- COMPUTER MUSIC Magazine

"Anyone doing drum & bass, from the novice to the experienced producer, will love this CD simply because of the volume of breaks and the quality of the loops and fills" - THE KNOWLEDGE Magazine

"Will Total Drum n Bass become an instant classic like Total House? Judging by its astonishingly good selection and sheer volume of options it should. Like, totally" - REMIX Magazine

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