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The perfect new tool for creating soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music trailers

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FREE ETHERA Collection Hybrid Scoring Template for Logic Pro, created by Award-Winning Sound Designer & Composer Stefano Maccarelli. The template download contains a Full Scoring Template for use with Logic Pro X, ETHERA Gold, ETHERA EVI 2.0 and ETHERA Soundscapes 2.0 and a pre-built 'Lite' template for use with ETHERA Gold. These templates give you a small glimpse of the incredible power of the ETHERA range.
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Ethera Gold is an amazing all-new, powerful set of instruments. The perfect new tool for creating soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music trailers and any music requiring fantastic solo vocals and powerful, inspirational, hybrid wavetable synth sounds. All the samples included in this library are completely new and unique to this instrument. The vocal instruments included with Ethera Gold use the magnificent vocals of Clara Sorace. Clara has sung with many of the greatest soundtrack and video games composers. Her voice is a thrilling blend of soul, cinematic, epic and emotionality with the charm of latin flair. For the two Hybrid Synths we have sampled many hundreds of organic sources, acoustic instruments, and hardware synths.


Ethera Gold includes a collection of awesome vocals, hybrid instruments, epic hits, bass synths, organic sounds, violin textures, tribal percussion, hybrid brass, drum loops and much more. In fact, it’s all you need to create the perfect soundtrack!

Ethera Gold augments Zero-G’s Ethera Series with 6 brand new multi-sampled Kontakt instruments:

Ethera Gold Core Synth is a powerful wavetable Synth, containing a variety of instrument types including Bass, Horns, Braams, Hybrid Brass, Strings Textures, Synth, Organic Sounds, Rises, Trailer Hits, Percussion, Drum Loops, etc. It has 3 different audio engines for 3 instrument layers.

Ethera Gold Action Synth is a 3 Layer loop-based wavetable Synth containing a variety of arpeggiators, sequences, drumloops, percussion loops and organic loops. Synced to the BPM of your DAW it is the perfect instrument to create great hybrid soundtracks.

Ethera Gold True Legato is an instrument that utilises playback ‘true legato’ intervals when playing connected (legato) notes for every interval up to an octave in either direction and sustain layers that playback when not playing in legato mode. This new Epic True Legato is based on the Clara’s powerful Epic Vocal. We have sampled each interval chromatically. There are no artificial pitching effects only a genuine human voice for up 3.5 octaves of actual vocal range. Every interval contains up to 3 sample articulations which you can control by Midi-Velocity. There is also a Scripted Legato Instrument with 4 additional articulations.

Ethera Gold Vocal Phrases is an instrument that plays back real vocal improvisations . The authentic “soul” of the singer. It contains over 1300 phrases in different styles, keys and BPM. Using the powerful Kontakt Engine, you can change the original BPM using the Time Mode function.

Ethera Gold Sustains contains polyphonic, single, long syllable vocal notes that are useful for creating vocal textures or backing vocals.

Ethera Gold Builder contains polyphonic single-shot syllable vocal samples that are useful for creating vocal arps or short vocal sequences. 

About the Producer

Ethera Gold was produced by Stefano Maccarelli, an Award-Winning Sound Designer & Composer with over 23 Years experience in the audio industry, film music, sound design and audio post production. Stefano has scored or licensed music & sound design for the ad campaigns of many broadcasting brands such as Fox, National Geographic, Sky, A&T Networks, Fox Sports etc.

About the Vocalist

Clara Sorace is a vocalist & recording artist from Italy who is based in Rome.

She studied piano and singing for over 12 Years. She participated in various competitions and festivals including the “San Remo Academy of Song“ where she reached the final. She has a huge experience of musical production and vocal arrangements, which has widened her stylistic versatility and range so that she can switch easily from Soul and Pop to Cinematic and Epic Music. Her vocals have been used in many commercial works and international Trailers.

Please Note: Ethera Gold requires the FULL version of Kontakt 6 or higher - it will not work with the FREE Kontakt Player. The Kontakt Player will load and play Ethera Gold for 15 minutes - in Demo Mode.

Ethera Gold includes:

  • 7 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments
  • Over 16GB of 24 bit, 48KHz samples.
  • Over 6000 Original Cinematic Samples
  • The Brand New Epic Vocal True Legato - 1.6Gb of multi-sampled and chromatic vocal true legato (no artificial pitching - Real Vocal Range from G3 to A5, synthetically extended range from A5 to C6) - up to 3 articulations controlled by Midi-Velocity and 4 RR Sustains.
  • Custom Convolution Reverb
  • Over 1300 inspiring vocal phrases (2 GB of samples) organised by Key - Style- BPM - delivered also in open wav format so you can easily drag & drop them into your DAW.
  • 2 Hybrid Synths with new Audio Engine based on 3 powerful Synth Engines
  • Over 12GB of samples from Hardware Synths, Acoustic Instruments (Violins, Guitar, Winds etc) and many other organic sources.
  • Glide & Unison Mode
  • Arpeggiator
  • 11 LFO, 1 MIDI Assignable Table Modulator
  • FX Rack
  • Wavetable Synth with Sample Grain and Real-Time Time Stretching
  • Over 1GB of Drum Loops
  • Over 500 Snapshot Presets
  • ROLI Seaboard special patches




Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1-13: 1 GB
  • Part 14: 385 MB


Requires full version of Kontakt 6 or higher. This title will not work with the free Kontakt Player.

Customer Reviews

Info & Quotes
Free Gift

Ethera Gold awarded the Best Vocal/Choral Virtual Instrument of 2019 by Sample Library Review.

Ethera Gold is a massive collection and delivers all you need to create the perfect soundtrack. Ethera EVI, Ethera Soundscapes are perfect combinations and go very well hand in hand with Ethera Gold and overall provide you one of the most complete sets of different sound available in the market. Ethera Gold is an influential collection of instruments. This library is excellent for producing cinematic soundtracks, huge music trailers, and music. Clara Sorace vocal performance is unbelievable and charming. With this release, part of the Ethera series Gold focuses on epic and delivery an narrative consistent excellent character. Stefano sampled endless objects and acoustic instrument to build hits, textures, and pure instrument. 5 stars out of 5 - StrongMocha


This is an extremely powerful and inspiring instrument. A perfect tool for creating exciting musical pieces with depth and rich harmonic elements. With the 6 different engines it is very easy to find and create sounds that will fit your compositions and let the creativity flow. The use of Clara Sorace incredible vocal capabilities in some of the instruments is spectacular. Tons of sonic possibilities right here, in one package. - Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields


In the plethora of sound libraries available to composers in this day and age, rarely does one come across a sound library that essentially has it all. The New Engine in Ethera Gold is AMAZING! You can combine sounds in so many different ways, that your options seem limitless. My conclusion, is that not only is Ethera Gold a must have, but the entire Ethera Series is GOLD! - David Michael Tardy / Composer


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