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An ultimate multi-format Drum & Bass sample beast from grandmaster DJ/Producer Stakka

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  • Acid, 
  • Rex, 
  • Rmx, 
  • Wav

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This massive 24bit, 1 GB library has been 2 years in the making and puts cutting edge production at your fingertips.

Using his talents in Drum & Bass production, long-time veteran of the scene DJ/Producer Stakka has painstakingly programmed each sample and allowed you access to a definitive collection of pristine DnB sounds.

A sure winner for any aspiring or even established DnB producer, taking the 'vibe killing' preparation time out of finding sounds and recycling beats, and thus allowing you to do the fun stuff in the studio, i.e. getting on a vibe fast and rolling out a killer tune!

At 1 GB in size with over 900 samples, it is packed to the brim with fresh and exciting sounds, all professionally prepared to aid the process of writing any style of Drum & Bass.

The classic sounds in this library can cross genres, and could also be a useful tool for Broken Beat, Downtempo, Techno and House producers too.


Shaun Morris, aka Stakka, has been a DJ in the UK rave scene since 1988, and producing since 1991 with the first Rave / Hardcore white label EP release under the name Stakka. From 1991 through to 1993 Stakka developed his studio techniques and skills with a string of white label releases.

1993 was the start of the Stakka & K.Tee recording partnership with the release of 'Ruffneck Ragga' and 'The Ladder', on a south London label called Just Dance Recordings. The following year Stakka & K. Tee submitted a demo on their new material to Ant Miles who invited the promising producers into the studio to mix the tracks down for release on Liftin' Spirits in 1994. Working with Ant and later with Andy C during their 3 years with those labels taught Stakka and K. Tee essential arranging and production techniques. They incorporated these techniques into the 9 releases they put out during that time, most notably 'Rugged & Raw', 'Andromeda', 'Orange Sunshine' from the first Ram LP 'The Speed of Sound' and the Andy C collaboration 'Danger Zone'.

By 1996 Stakka & Skynet began working on 'Black Dawn' the sound seemed to need a home of its own. Audio Blueprint Recordings rose with 'Black Dawn', paving the way for the cinematic and dark sci-fi journey the label intended to provide. This was shortly followed by their second label, Underfire which was meant to counterbalance the sound, steering the dancefloor to a more quirky and funked out place. As Stakka & Skynet explored the boundaries of their imagination, they created a string of pseudonyms to express different styles. Working undercover as Spy, Psion, Skynet, Kraken, Profound Noize and other names, their true identities were never fully revealed and much hard work has gone uncredited. Skynet eventually re-emerged as Nathan's solo artist name.

In 1997, with Underfire and Audio Blueprint producing releases, Stakka met Ali Ash, aka Skinny/Nu-Balance, and Ed Keeley, aka Friction. Coming together for various collaborations, Skinny, Friction, and K. Tee became an integral part of the Underfire and Audio Blueprint sound. Over the 5 years Stakka & Skynet worked together and ran the four labels, they released 41 x 12" & EP's, 5 compilation CD's, the 3 full length LP's 'Voyager', 'Blazin' and 'Clockwork' and 16 remixes. They put their own nasty twist on tunes from Africa Bambaataa, Morcheeba, Usual Suspects, Cause 4 Concern, and for labels such as Warner and Creation.

Stakka, now living and operating from his studio in Brooklyn, NY, launched Cargo Industries at the start of 2003. The label is a mutated hybrid offspring of his style, past recordings, and label affiliations. With this in mind, recruits K. Tee, Friction, and Skinny are currently working with Stakka under the collective name The Militia.


  • 14 x Full Construction Kits
  • 100 x Breakbeats / Drum Loops
  • 63 x Basses
  • 49 x FX
  • 179 x Percussion & Drum Samples
  • 60 x Percussion Loops
  • 137 x Rave Chords, Stabs & FX
  • 14 x Multisampled Pads

The download version of this fantastic library includes 24bit ACIDized WAV and Stylus RMX™ Compatible REX2 formats.

For more detailed info on the contents of the Firestorm and a list of all samples included, please take a look at the PDF of Contents.



Breakbeat & Drum Loops:
Stakka has taken his favourite breakbeats many of which he has used in his releases. The breaks have been EQ'd, compressed and processed to make them roll nicely and smack up the club sound system.
Categories include Classic 90s Breaks (all of the classic 90s rave breaks), Funked Breaks (for the more Liquid styles), Classic Breaks (The all time classics that D&B producers like to use), Roller Breaks & Thumper Breaks (The pounders and the heavy weights)

The bass samples in this library cover every angle of D&B. All have been processed and programmed to give you fast and easy access to some hot bass sounds from the Stakka Vault of personal sounds.
Categories include Distorted Bass, Kick Bass (Classic Thumping Kick Basses), Rave Bass (From the classic analog machines used in the 90s UK Rave Scene), Reece Bass (Every variation of the classic Reece Bass), Stakka Processed (some basses programmed by Stakka) and Sub Bass (All the Sub you will ever need to add the phatness and authority on the low end in your mix)

FX Samples:
FX samples - Ear candy for your track, the icing on the cake. 50 samples for you to layer on the track, creating complexity to your mix.
Categories include Distressed, General FX, Reversed FX (to create intense build ups) and Vocal FX.

Percussion & Drum Kit Samples:
Stakka's Favorite Drum and Percussive hits that he has built up and used for the past 10 years. All of which have been Stakka's 'go to' sounds when writing many of the Underfire, Ram, Liftin Spirit and Audio Blueprint releases.
Categories Include Bongos & Congas, Caribbean Hits, Crash Cymbals, Electro Kit, Closed Hats, Open Hats, Kicks, Rides, Rim & Clave, Shaker, Snare Drum, Tambourines & Toms.

60 x Percussion Loops:
Stakka gives up some of his favorite percussive loops which he uses very effectively to bring the next level of energy into his track. These have been in every track he has ever written, usually merged into the rhythm of the beat or brought in on the turnaround to step the pace up and give a new wave of excitement to the mix.
Categories include Hat Loops, Shaker Loops, Ride Loops, Percussion Loops, Tambourine Loops & Shuffle Loops.

Rave Chords, Stabs & FX:
Revisiting the roots of the scene and drawing upon the sounds of the old skool (the 90s UK Rave Scene) has always played an integral part of D&B music. But most of the new wave of producers in the scene didn't live through that period, produce the music and DJ the music and therefore don't have the access to the sounds from that period. In the Rave Candy section of the library Stakka has dug through this personal library vault and provided a definitive selection of 'Rave Candy'. You'll hear some classics and some obscure sounds all programmed up and ready for you to deliver that killer top line hook on your track.
Categories include Blips, Chord Stabs, FX Stabs, Moog Stabs, Spazm Stabs & General Stabs.

Multisampled Pads:
Stakka has provided some superb sets of pad and synth multisamples, from huge rave synth and deep Space Age Pads, through to vintage analog flavours and textured orchestral layers. Perfect sounds to get a fresh new skool vibe to your track.

Demo / Construction Kit Tracks:
Stakka programmed up 14 demo tracks, encompassing all styles of D&B. Each track is broken down into its individual elements for you use as you see fit or for you simply to get inspiration from when using the sounds in your own tracks.

Download Size (zipped file):

  • 736 MB

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"DJ Stakka has been a fixture on the drum'n'bass scene for a number of years and has released tracks on, among others, RAM Records and Trouble on Vinyl. Now he's seen fit to deliver this DVD; it comes chock full of drums, basslines and all the other elements you might need to create your own dancefloor rinse-out. Many of the beats are easily recognisable classic breaks that have been re-programmed as instantly usable modern DnB rhythms, but there's plenty of less familiar stuff too. If ready-made drum'n'bass loops are what you're after, Firestorm shouldn't disappoint." - Computer Music Magazine, UK

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