Out Now - Inner Balance

A brande new multi-format library with over 4GB of the most sumptuous, ethereal, meditational sounds this side of our solar system!

With graceful diaphanous, ethereal pads, contemplative, sparkling nylon and electric guitar, celestial drones, unearthly chimes, crystalline bells, majestic gongs, dusted with heavenly FX, backwards guitar, and a whole range of percussion the 590 samples of new age-galvanized transformative sounds are a glowing infinity of shifting tones and obscured vibrations crafted with the utmost care.

Enlightenment is only a click away!



  • New - Sahara Beats

    Sahara Beats is a brand new and unique Kontakt instrument featuring alluring and exotic percussive beats and grooves that originate from middle eastern and north African music. Containing more than 2000 samples, covering 100 different percussion styles each with 24 different variations, this amazing library will enhance any production no matter what the style of music.

    "Looking for something truly unique and innovative in the world of percussion? Look no further than Sahara Beats." StrongMocha Review

  • Elements - Modern Scoring Synth

    From the creator of the award winning Ethera series Stefano Maccarelli, ELEMENTS is an all-new, stupendously large, and powerful Kontakt instrument. A unique new tool for creating contemporary soundtracks, cinematic music, underscoring and sound design.

    Providing you with 3 powerful Layers, Elements is a unique wavetable Hybrid Synth. It has a huge wave-rom of over 23GB and comes with an incredible array of powerful sounds. ELEMENTS is all that you will need to create fantastic contemporary scores for a multitude of uses.

  • Ethera Gold Atlantis

    A brand new and unique vocal Kontakt instrument created by award winning sound designer and composer Stefano Maccarelli. Ethera Gold Atlantis is the perfect tool for any music requiring Celtic, Epic, Fantasy, Medieval and Emotional solo vocals. We believe this is simply the best sounding, totally inspiring, and most alive, vocal library created thus far for this genre of music.

    "One of the most beautiful voices ever sampled"
    Sample Library Review

  • Kitchenology - Domestic Percussion Machine

    Created by recording the amazing multi-instrumentalist CharlieDalin
    playing 48 different kitchen items, including pots, pans, plates,
    cutlery, cups, chopsticks, salt and pepper shakers and much more!
    Kitchenology comes with a fully editable custom KontaktGUI and also
    includes a huge selection of MIDI grooves covering different styles,
    tempos, and time signatures as well as 34 mix snapshots. Whether your
    project is a traditional song, cinematic music, or sound effect
    creation, you will find Kitchenology fits the part perfectly!

  • ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices

    Ethera Gold Sahara Voices is an all-new, powerful set of Vocal Kontakt instruments. The perfect new tool for adding amazing Ethnic Vocals to your soundtracks. Including 5 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments, Brand New Ethnic - Mid-East Vocal True Legato, Approximately 6GB of 24 bit, 48KHz samples, Reversed Vocal Phrases instrument and much more!

    The vocal instruments included with Sahara Voices use the magnificent vocals of Clara Sorace. Clara has sung with many of the greatest soundtrack and video games composers and trailer music creators. Her voice is a thrilling blend of soul, ethnic, epic and emotionality with the charm of Latin flair.

  • Oochestral Toolbox Max Edition

    Over 20GB and 12,000 files for just $38.95! A collection of four incredible best-selling Zero-G orchestral multi-format sample libraries containing a wealth of sonic inspiration from chaotic, tense effects to beautiful undulating pads. Live violin and cello phrases recorded by world-class musicians and original classical vocal phrases and improvised melodies performed by world renowned opera singers and much more.

Sample Library Review

Pete Checkley reviews Ethera Gold Atlantis
"Perfect for fantasy, Celtic, emotional and medieval vocals. One of the most beautiful voices ever sampled".

Read Full Review Now

StrongMocha Reviews Sahara Beats

A versatile Kontakt Library that can be used to create all sorts of different grooves and rhythms. Looking for something truly unique and innovative in the world of percussion? Look no further than Sahara Beats.


Why Stefano Created Elements

We chat to Stefano Maccarelli about his powerful new Kontakt library - Elements Modern Scoring Synth.


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